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Mar 30, Cut it back far to stimulate new growth. Shape the spirea during this rejuvenation pruning, also. Creating a professional-looking, rounded shrub is easy.

Tie a rope around the middle of the spirea. Using sharp hedge shears, cut straight across the top of the bush. When the rope is removed, the bush pops back nicely treeclear.pwted Reading Time: 5 mins. Nov 23, To deadhead, simply cut off the fading flowers.

If the spirea is generally in good shape, trim the stems back by one-third to shape and reduce the size of the shrub. Nov 03, Remove the dead flowers and cut back the branches to the topmost leaf or the leaf tip. Trimming the plant after blooming allows the plant to refocus its energy. It may even encourage the spirea to bloom a second time.

Pruning in the fall involves cutting back the plant more drastically. Use your shears or hedge trimmer to cut back the shrub to Author: Jeffrey Douglas.

Don’t just go trimming your spirea shrubs with your own bare hands. This is not only safe for your fingers and palms but also unhealthy to the plant. It may be a foliage with thin stems but need some sharp tool for cutting. Therefore, grab a pair of shears, gardening snip or scissors. In spring-blooming spireas, cut the whole bush back to ground level in late winter. You'll lose a year's bloom period. The following summer, cut out about half of the new canes and shorten some of the remaining canes.

Summer-blooming spireas generally respond well to severe rejuvenation pruning in spring when the buds are swelling. Oct 30, Don’t be afraid to really cut the plant back, as these shrubs will grow back even from severe pruning. First, use gardening shears to remove any damaged or diseased stems, right back to the base.

Then, remove some branches from the middle of the plant to thin it out. Try to cut each stem back so that it has around 5 buds left on 54K.

Nov 28, The bridal wreath spirea tolerates a harsh pruning to bring the shrub back to vibrant health. You may need to use a hacksaw to get a clean cut on.

PLANTING & CARING FOR SPIREA. How to plant: Follow these steps and space feet apart, depending on the variety. Look to your plant’s tag for specific recommendations.

Dig a hole slightly deeper than the root ball and 2 times wider. Remove the plant from the nursery pot and loosen the soil around the roots.

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